Where Is Camcorder The Forest?

There is a location. There is a mass grave in Cave 6 – Lawyer Cave.

Where is Cave 6 in the forest?

Cave 6 is located on the west coast. It is split into two parts, one by an underwater passage and the other by a cave. It’s one of the most dangerous because it has a lot of Mutants, cannibals, and babies.

What cave is the Keycard in?

The Keycard can be found in an alcove near the end of Cave 6. There is a large pile of corpses in the vicinity of the Camcorder. The easiest entrance to the Cave 6 is on the cliff side.

What’s in Cave 9 the forest?

The Climbing Axe is located near the center of Cave 9 and can only be used to scale multiple walls. The player needs to be careful not to fall into the deep pit in the center of the cave while trying to cross the ledges. Several cannibals and Mutant babies can be found in Cave 9.

Do you ever find Timmy in the forest?

He is not allowed to leave the machine after. Timmy’s father, Eric, is distraught at the sight of his son’s lifeless body. Eric realized that he needed to sacrifice in order to bring his son back.

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Is there an end to the forest?

There is an optional end to the game. As the player progresses through the game and explores the caves underneath the forest surface, they will encounter more and more bizarre changes.

What is inside the Yacht in The Forest?

There is an abandoned boat in a bay on the southwestern coast of the Peninsula. It has a lot of supplies, but it can be dangerous to get there without a boat because of sharks.

Do you need the climbing AXE to beat The Forest?

If you jump carefully on the walls, you should be able to go down without any problems. You have to follow the path until you get to the axe climbing area. You can get to the end of Cave 9 by blowing up a wall in Cave 3.

What is in Cave 4 the forest?

The entrance to Cave 4 is on the north side of the yacht. It has a Mutant baby and one Virginia baby. Cave 2 – Hanging Cave is listed on the survival guide’s to-do list as “continue exploring the hanging cave”.

What’s in the Waterfall Cave the forest?

To get to Cave 10 you have to go to the west. It is deep and requires two ropes to descend from the top.

Where is the lawyers cave in the forest?

On the north side of Geese Lake, there is a cave called cave 6. Lawyer’s cave is the name of the room where beheaded lawyers are kept.

Where do you get the crossbow in the forest?

There is an underwater cave west of the tree of life and under an island where the crossbow can be found. The church, cross, and coffin can be found in the cave along with some bolts to the crossbow.

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