How Can I Use Camcorder In A Sentence?

How do you use example in a sentence?

He set an example for other people. She gave several examples of the program’s effectiveness. There are three examples of contemporary architecture that we chose.

How do you use video in a sentence?

She talked about a video she watched on the internet. They had a video made of their wedding. The movie can be seen on video and DVD.

What is sentence give me 5 examples?

The train did not arrive on time. The bus was taken by Mary andSamantha. I went to the bus station to look for them. They arrived at the bus station early and waited for the bus to pick them up.

What is a camcorder used for?

A camera recorder, also known as a camcorder, is a portable recording device that can record live- motion video and audio.

What is the two words of camcorder?

A portable unit with a video camera and recorder is what a camcorder is.

What is the blended word of camcorder?

The words “camera” and “recorder” are combined in the word “camcorder”. Word blends can be created if you join a full word with a part of another word. The word “cavalcade” is combined with the word “motorcade” in this example.

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How do you make a sentence variety?

It is possible to introduce sentence variety by starting a sentence with an adverb, starting a sentence with a prepositional phrase, or starting a sentence with a subject and verbs. To achieve sentence variety, combine ideas with relative clauses or ap positives.

What is simple camera?

Simple Camera allows you to use your phone’s camera to its fullest while using as little resources as possible. The default camera app uses a lot of your device’s storage space, so Simple Camera is a lighter alternative.

How do you use far cry in a sentence?

The movie is not the same as the book. He’s a different writer than the one who used to be idealistic.

What is the sentence of laptop?

The drawing tablets on the laptop are very useful. The microphone on my laptop is built in. If you want to keep working, simply power up your laptop. The laptop can be put on the desktop.

Do you need a comma after for example?

Rule 2 states that before and after introductory words, such as namely, that is, that is, for example, e.g., or for instance when they are followed by a series of items, should be written in a way that makes sense. You may have to bring a lot of items, such as sleeping bags, pans, and warm clothing.

Do you put a colon after for example?

This is the first thing. Don’t use a colon in a full sentence after phrases such as “such as,” “including,” and “for example.” The reader already knows that a list of examples will follow, so there is no need to introduce them with a colon.

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How do you list example in a sentence?

The Latin phrase exempli gratia means for an example. One or more examples of something mentioned previously in the sentence can be introduced by this abbreviation. It’s implied that there are other things.

How do you put for example in the middle of a sentence?

If you’re writing in the middle of a sentence, use a commas before and after. I would recommend low-sugar fruits such as strawberries or avocados. I would recommend low-sugar fruits such as strawberries. A complete sentence can be introduced with the substitution of the first colon by the second colon.

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